Empress Destinee

Destinee Porter is Empress Training’s Chief Executive Officer and works as a Head Cultural Advisor, majoring in Social Work. While attending Holt High School in Holt MI, she underwent the pressures of being a lost teen trying to identify who she was and her place in life. After graduating she went on to attend Georgia Highlands College where she felt her mission had been exposed. After being a fan of Reality TV Shows, she began to view them as disgusting to watch. Noticing the degradation of black women in media raised frustration. She observed that young black girls began emulating these characters blind to the fact that these facades weren’t reality. It encouraged her to question why black women always seemed to be fighting, angry, portrayed as promiscuous, and undesirable to others. She soon accepted the journey to answering these questions through research. Once she began finding answers she felt it was unacceptable to deprive younger generations of black women the knowledge she’d discovered.


Five months later she created Empress Training in hopes to educate young black girls about an identity and version of themselves they had never heard of. Destinee specializes in instructing classes that discuss;

  • Ancient African Queens

  • The Embrace of Femininity and Feminine Energy

  • Psychological Effects of Slavery

  • The Power of Melanin

  • Black Culture

CEO + Head Cultural Advisor

Queen Beloved

Head Cultural Advisor

Indea is twenty-one years old and was born in Lansing, MI. She is currently attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College, majoring in Nursing and minoring in Business. She contributes as a Head Cultural Advisor to Empress Training with immense pride and passion. Indea has dedicated her time to educating ET’s students on:

  • Financial Literacy

  • Generational Wealth

  • Health and Wellness

  • Resume Building

Empress Mikaela

Head Cultural Advisor

Mikaela is twenty- two years old, born and raised in Lansing, MI. She serves as a Head Cultural Advisor in Empress Training and is currently Majoring in Human Services and minoring in Social Work at Lansing Community College. With great determination she has committed herself to
mentoring ET’s students about:

  • Healthy and Toxic Relationships

  • Building Self-esteem

  • The Basic Functions of the Justice System

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