Empress Training is a 10 week course of classes specifically designed for young African American women (ages 13-17). These classes educate and create conversations about topics like; Ancient African Queens (pre- chattel slavery) , Melanin, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Financial Literacy and more.

Our mission is to enlighten, instruct, and mold young ladies veering them back to their Queenship through the embrace
of femininity and the display of knowledge and grace.

ET was created in response to the lack of positive feminine representation in the black community and media. We noticed that our youth continue to portray the negative stereotypes that have been casted upon us for centuries, but why?


Our youth have been taught that they derive from slavery, leading them to feel like they have no value, that they are less than or inferior to those of different racial backgrounds. This outlook pours into their academic, social, and financial success reinforcing the poverty mentality.


The Empress Training team has dedicated their hearts and minds to terminating this generational curse.


To all local recreational centers and organizations, we provide the Full Empress Training Experience which includes a
10-week course of sessions discussing:

  • Original African Queens

  • The Misconception of Black Women and Femininity

  • Healthy Co-ed Relationships

  • Health and Wellness

  • Melanin Powers

  • Black Injustice/ Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

  • Financial Literacy


To recreational centers and organizations located beyond Lansing MI,

we offer individual sessions with the Head Cultural Advisor and topic of your choice.

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